About Us

Howard Youth Basketball Alliance (HYBA) provides the best youth basketball program in Howard County and the state of Maryland. Founded in 1992 and composed of 192 young people in the inaugural season, HYBA has grown to serving over 3,000 kids and four hundred teams per year between the Spring and Fall basketball programs.

HYBA has never turned away a single child for any reason.

HYBA provides basketball programs for both boys and girls and recreational and travel players.

HYBA continues to instill its young athletes with the tenets of life through various competitive, game-only basketball programs.

HYBA remains the original, trend-setting, Friday Night basketball program in the Country. HYBA’s Founder and President desires all children learn the life lesson’s of basketball, during the off season, while staying busy on Friday evenings.

Many programs have came and went throughout the years, but HYBA remains Howard County, Maryland’s largest, Friday night only youth basketball program, with players and teams from every County in the State of Maryland represented.

HYBA’s Travel Programs are highly competitive, while recreation programs allow all children equal access to the great sport of basketball.

Many generations participated in HYBA and many former-players are now bringing their children and teams through our program.

HYBA’s core is made up of the best volunteers in the world from coaches to score book keepers.

HYBA advocates at the County and State Government levels to be advocates and voices of integrity for all children, ensuring all children have access to the finest quality youth sports programs. Former plays grew into the finest caliber of adults, working at all levels of private industry and Government.

Despite not receiving a single dollar from any level of Government and being the largest youth sports program in Howard County, HYBA operates through the dedication and tireless efforts of five hundred plus volunteers every year.

Every player of HYBA is forever part of the HYBA family.