How do I guarantee that my daughter or son is registered?

The best way to ensure your son or daughter is registered for the Spring or Fall seasons is to register as early as possible. The Spring season deadline is March 1; and the Fall season deadline is August 1. HYBA makes every possible attempt to place as many young people as possible.

How much is registration?

Registration is $139.00 for Players, $600 for Travel Teams, and $700 for Recreation Teams.

What is the level of competition?

HYBA’s enrollment is composed of young persons who have a genuine passion for basketball. HYBA’s level of play is better than any other recreation league in Maryland, detailed in the Summer 2001 issue of Youth Sports Magazine.

Can one register a team?

Both individual and team registrations are offered!

What is the composition of team and individual registrations?

About half of HYBA is composed of individuals and the other half is composed of teams.

Are certain leagues reserved for travel teams?

Leagues are broken into separate recreation and travel leagues.

Are there practices?

No. HYBA is games only.

Are there separate leagues for female and male players?

Absolutely, for Grades Third (3) through Twelfth (12)!

The Clinic Program Kindergarten (K), First (1), and Second (2) Grades is, sometimes, coed, depending on registration enrollment.

When are the games played?

On Fridays evenings, 6:00-10:00PM.

Where are the games played?

At every available school in Howard County!

Are the games refereed?

Yes. Two referees are on staff for every game, except for the Boys & Girls Clinics.

Are uniforms provided?

Yes, every player gets a uniform!
All Recreation Teams get uniforms!
Travel Teams DO NOT get uniforms. All travel teams must have uniforms before the start of the season.

How are refunds handled?

ALL REFUND REQUESTS must be submitted in writing to H.Y.B.A., Inc., Attn: Refund Request, P.O. 361, Ellicott City, MD 21041. Include your Registration Confirmation Number (#), reason for refund, and signature.

NO REFUNDS can be provided after the registration deadline. All honored refunds are subject to handling and processing fees of $50.00 for individuals and $250.00 for teams. Absolutely no refunds will be issued for any reason after the basketball teams have been chosen.

IF YOUR REFUND REQUEST IS APPROVED, we will mail a check to you (regardless of original payment method) minus any applicable handling and processing fees. A refund check can take three (3) to five (5) weeks to process.

What is a clinic?

The boys and girls clinics are a unique opportunity for young players (grades kindergarten, first, and second) to start the game of basketball without the worries of structured competitive play. While every other league in HYBA has two referees per game and follows league play (usually standard high school basketball rules or a variation thereof), the clinics are composed of volunteer coaches and designed to take the young players through the fundamentals of basketball through proven drills and practice games. The progress our young players make every year is astounding. Our clinic formula for our kindergarten, first, and second grade players continues to be successful for over thirty (30) years.

If my child is a highly competitive player, can I enroll my child in a higher Grade Program / Division?

Enrolling your child in a higher Grade Program / Division is a personal choice for every Legal Guardian and Parent to make.

EXAMPLE: If your child is in Second (2) Grade, is a highly competitive basketball player compared to grade-peers, then HYBA allows for the placement of the child in the Third (3) Grade Program. To do so, during Player Registration, simply select Third (3) Grade as the Enrollment Grade.

The decision to enroll in a higher Grade Program can not be changed, once Spring or Fall Registration closes. If you have any questions about whether or not registering your child in a higher Grade Program / Division is the right decision, based on your child’s circumstances, please call us at (410)461-7694 and we are more than happy to share our multi-decade years experience.