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The online Travel Team Registration for the upcoming HYBA Basketball Season is now available! HYBA Basketball is proud to be the largest Spring and Fall Basketball Program in the country, and we are excited to offer this convenient registration option for our Travel Teams.

As the original inventor of the Friday Night League, HYBA Basketball has set the standard for basketball programs across the Nation. Our innovative approach to the game has spawned many imitators, but none can match our original recipe for success.

With the online Travel Team Registration, coaches and parents can easily register their teams and players from the comfort of their own homes. This streamlined process saves time and eliminates the hassle of paper forms and in-person registration. Join the HYBA Basketball family today and experience the best basketball program in the country!


HYBA Team Registration
HYBA Team Registration Logo


Teams can submit roster information online or via mail.
  • If submitting rosters at time of registration, teams can submit rosters then and there online with no specific minimum number of players with a maximum of ten. If more than ten players will be on a team, then the coach must mail-in the additional player names and e-mail addresses to H.Y.B.A., Inc., Attn: Additional Roster Information Enclosed, P.O. 361, Ellicott City, MD 21041, delivering the additional roster information one week before the start of the upcoming season.
  • If a team is registering the team roster offline, then teams must mail-in the complete team roster to include every players’ name and e-mail address to H.Y.B.A., Inc., Attn: Team Roster Enclosed, P.O. 361, Ellicott City, MD 21041, delivering the Team Roster one week before the start of the upcoming season.
Travel Teams are responsible for providing and wearing their own uniforms before the start of the Season.


Teams are composed of, at a minimum, five players. For teams with less than five players, teams may be assigned additional players from the general registration of the applicable grade division. To guarantee league placement of one’s team, teams must be submitted before before the registration deadlines: for the Spring season, the deadline is March 1; and for the Fall season, the deadline is August 1.

Unless special circumstances exist, teams will be placed in the league of their oldest player. For example, if a non-travel team has all high school freshman and one high school sophomore, then the team would automatically be placed in the high school sophomore division.
Travel teams are placed in separate travel-only team leagues.
All Head Coaches must be 21 years of age before the start of the applicable Spring or Fall Season. One coach per team present at every game must be 21 years of age before the start of either the Spring or Fall Season.


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